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Life Expectancy Calculator: should you be dead already?



Should you be dead already?
Will you die within the next 10 minutes? Or will you be still around when the Apes take over the World? This Death-or-Life-Checker-Script will give you the answer - dead certain! IMPORTANT: If you take the results too seriously you will die earlier ...

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How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?
How many calories do you consume per day?
Your sex?
How long do you do sports per day?
How often do you make love?
Do you love this website

 This Life Expectancy Calculator will calculate your life expectancy based on your life style (yes, making love will make you old and wise). The beauty of this script is its display! As soon as you change a form element the length of the bar chart will change too on the fly. Besides it is a perfect script if you want to study how to extract form element values. Crossbrowser.

Download the ZIP-file of this script containing the scale-image and the script-file (HTML-file).

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