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If the government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14, Section 1211
of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16, 1969, make it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles?


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The MASS Abduction of 1992

Australian abduction cases

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Australia's Most Famous Abduction

The story of FrederickValentich is possibly the most famous of Australian UFO encounters. The young pilot and his Cessna disappeared over Bass Strait, off south-eastern Australia in 1978. He was on his way to King Island, between the Australian mainland and Tasmania, when he told air traffic controllers in Melbourne that he was being buzzed by a UFO with four bright lights about 1000 feet above him. He continued to comment about the objects characteristics before all contact was lost. There had been many UFO sightings in the area and also the Tasman Sea and New Zealand, to the east. These sightings culminated in objects being filmed by a new crew in December 1978 and January 1979.
Bass Strait is a noted area for the disappearance of many ships and aircraft as well as UFO reports. On Christmas Eve, 1969, a Fuji light plane disappeared while flying from King Island to Moorabbin airport.
In the month before Valentich vanished, the King Island News had carried numerous accounts of UFO sightings, many of them reported to police at Currie and Grassy. The crew of the fishing boat, Random Harvest, had been buzzed by a gigantic light.
Interestingly, Frederick Valentich attended for a special course relating to UFO's at Sale Air Base in south eastern Victoria. So concerned was he about what he had seen and been told at Sale that Valentich emotionally told his parents shortly afterwards that "should they take me I should be O.K. so don't worry, they will probably put me back." No trace of Valentich or his aircraft have been recovered.
Valentich's father, Guido, said his son used to study UFOs "as a hobby using information he had received from the Air Force. He was not the kind of person who would make up stories. Everything had to be very correct and positive for him. The fact that they have found no trace of him really verifies the fact that UFOs could have been there." Guido Valentich said he hoped his son hadn't crashed but had been taken by a UFO.


Roy Manifold had taken a series of photographs of the sunset from a position about 2km from where Valentich made his last radio contact. One of the shots caught an object bursting out of the ocean. Tests proved the object to be solid and about 6 metres in diameter. Frederick Valentich a twenty-year-old pilot with a Class Four instrument rating, took off from Moorabin Airport at Melbourne, Australia on October 21, 1978. Prior to leaving he had obtained a meteorological briefing and had filed a plan for a night flight to King Island and back. It was a 125 mile training flight in his single engine Cessna 182. His flight was in the midst of a rash of UFO sightings in southern Australiaparticularly in Bass Strait, through which Valentich's journey would take him. He was on his way to King Island, between the Australian mainland and Tasmania when he told air traffic controllers in Melbourne that he was being buzzed by a UFO with 4 bright lights about 1000 feet above him. During that time, twenty people located in different areas around Bass Strait observed a green light in the same direction and at the same time the pilot was reporting the approach and description of an object with a green light. In addition, other reports have been forthcoming, such as a mother and four teenagers In the southern suburb of Frankston, reported what appeared to resemble a skyrocket, although the object was stationary, a report from Ormond, a suburb in southern Melbourne, occurring at 7:15 p.m. when lights were noted in a cigar shaped arrangement and two lads were out in the street communicating with their walkie-talkies when they saw a star-shaped object appear at a low altitude over their heads. On October 11 2000, Melbourne's Herald-Sun reported that fresh light had been shed on the case of the Victorian pilot. An Apollo Bay man, (the area near where the pilot experienced problems) said that he, his son and two nieces observed Valentich's Cessna and a green light hovering above it as they hunted rabbits in Cape Otway. The man had not come forward previously for fear of ridicule. He placed the aircraft as going down off Cape Marengo just south east of Apollo Bay, between five to fifteen kilometres offshore. This was a considerable distance from the original search area. A niece looked up and saw the green light and called to her uncle, "What is that light?" The uncle looked up and answered, "An airplane light". The niece then said, "No, the light above the airplane". Frederick was the only pilot flying in the area at that time. Sight of the airplane and object was lost when they flew behind the hills. The flight plan called for Valentich to maintain an altitude below 5,000 feet and for the flight to be in two parts: 41 minutes to Cape Otway, then 28 minutes to King Island. He had advised the briefing officer that he was picking up friends on King Island, and he took four life jackets in the plane with him. His plane was a Cessna 182, made of modular units that would float for several minutes. The plane had been refueled to capacity, enough for five hours flying time. After take-off Valentich established radio contact with Melbourne Flight Service via VHF radio. His designation was "DELTA SIERRA JULIET". Valentich radioed that he had Cape Otway in sight. Cape Otway is the last bit of the Australian continent along the flight path to King Island. According to official records, the weather in the Cape Otway area was clear with a trace of stratocumulus clouds at 5,000 to 7,000 feet, excellent visibility, and light winds. Dusk was at 1918 hours local time. The authorities immediately launched a huge air and sea search. An RAAF Orion spent all of Sunday 22 October in perfect visibility, searching the area off Cape Otway where the Cessna had disappeared. But Valentich would not be seen again. And despite the fact that his light plane had been equipped with inflatable jackets and designed so that easily stoppable wreckage would float to the ocean surface, no trace of the aircraft was ever found. Neither the civil nor the military authorities are unduly communicative about incidents of this kind. The first the public knew about the pilot and the alleged disappearance was when a Melbourne radio station broadcast a brief speculative report in an afternoon news bulletin. Under intense pressure from newspapers and TV newsrooms, the department of transport then reluctantly released what was claimed was a full transcript of the radio exchange between Valentich and Melbourne. The story made world headlines, as did its sequels.

Roy Manifolds Photographic PROOF of the UFO

Following is the actual transcription between Valentich and the Melbourne Flight Service.

(FS - Flight Service, DSJ - Frederick Valentich aircraft designation)
1906:14 DSJ
Melbourne, this is Delta Sierra Juliet. Is there any known traffic below five thousand?
FS Delta Sierra Juliet, no known traffic.
DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet, I am, seems to be a large aircraft below five thousand.
1906:44 FS Delta Sierra Juliet, What type of aircraft is it?
DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet, I cannot affirm, it is four bright, and it seems to me like landing lights.
1907 FS Delta Sierra Juliet.
1907:31 DSJ Melbourne, this is Delta Sierra Juliet, the aircraft has just passed over me at least a thousand feet above.
FS Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, and it is a large aircraft, confirmed?
DSJ Er-unknown, due to the speed it's travelling, is there any air force aircraft in the vicinity?
FS Delta Sierra Juliet, no known aircraft in the vicinity.
1908:18 DSJ Melbourne, it's approaching now from due east towards me.
FS Delta Sierra Juliet.
1908:41 DSJ (open microphone for two seconds.)
1908:48 DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet, it seems to me that he's playing some sort of game, he's flying over me two, three times at speeds I could not identify.
1909 FS Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, what is your actual level?
DSJ My level is four and a half thousand, four five zero zero.
FS Delta Sierra Juliet and you confirm you cannot identify the aircraft?
DSJ Affirmative.
FS Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, stand by.
1909:27 DSJ Melbourne, Delta Sierra Juliet, it's not an aircraft it is (open microphone for two seconds).
1909:42 FS Delta Sierra Juliet, can you describe the -ER- aircraft?
DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet, as it's flying past it's a long shape (open microphone for three seconds) cannot identify more than it has such speed (open microphone for three seconds). It's before me right now Melbourne.
1910 FS Delta Sierra Juliet, roger and how large would the - er - object be?
1910:19 DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet, Melbourne, it seems like it's stationary. What I'm doing right now is orbiting and the thing is just orbiting on top of me also. It's got a green light and sort of metallic like, it's all shiny on the outside.
FS Delta Sierra Juliet
1910:46 DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet (open microphone for three seconds) It's just vanished.
FS Delta Sierra Juliet
1911 DSJ Melbourne, would you know what kind of aircraft I've got? Is it a military aircraft?
FS Delta Sierra Juliet, Confirm the - er ~ aircraft just vanished.
DSJ Say again.
FS Delta Sierra Juliet, is the aircraft still with you?
DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet; it's (open microphone for two seconds) now approaching from the south-west.
FS Delta Sierra Juliet
1911:50 DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet, the engine is rough-idling. I've got it set at twenty three twenty-four and the thing is coughing.
FS Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, what are your intentions?
DSJ My intentions are - ah - to go to King Island - ah - Melbourne. That strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again (open microphone for two seconds). It is hovering and it's not an aircraft.
FS Delta Sierra Juliet.
1912:28 DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet. Melbourne (open microphone for seventeen seconds).

Valentich had been continually holding down his communication button throughout the event.
An unexplained sound abruptly terminated the voice communications.
The original recording of Valentich’s fight was mysteriously erased.

No official conclusion has been given for the strange sound which interrupted the last statement of the pilot. The sound was what could be called a scraping of metal against metal. Steve Robey, the flight traffic controller asked him repeatedly what was the scraping sound heard. Also deleted from the tape were his last few words where Valentich decried flames from the end of the cylinder shaped object as it passed over him. His plane then being engulfed in a strange green light and a feeling of burning that followed when his transmission ended.
The Cessna was equipped with a radio survival beacon, but no signal from it was ever detected.
Robey did not believe that Valentich was perpetrating a hoax. Valentich's plane had to be at an altitude of at least 1,000 feet at the time of his last transmission because VHF radio is line-of-sight, and could not have been received ninety miles away at Melbourne if he was below 1,000 feet. Given that his transmissions were received up until the moment of tragedy, it is impossible that this happened below 1,000 feet.
Fredrick Valentich's father believes evidence of his sons abduction was in fact was being monitored by Pine Gap the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office.

Pine Gap is a military zone that is in the heart of Australia. This zone is under U.S. government control and is considered "top secret". Only high-ranking officials can enter and it is under high surveillance. It is also part of the government spy program "Echelon". Boats and aircraft have found no trace of the 20-year old pilot.
Less than twelve hours after the Cessna's radio transmission ceased, a passenger aircraft with nine people aboard vanished above the Solomon Islands. The RAAF search participated in this search also but as in Bass Strait, no wreckage was recovered.
Many theories have surrounded his disappearance and they are based on freak weather conditions, UFO abduction and even military tests. This theory is supported by former NASA scientist Richard Haines who has studied the case.



There were several other mysterious sightings in Victoria and Tasmania.
On October 9, 1978
, in Launceston Tasmania (2100 hrs) a husband and wife were returning home when they saw a bright yellow light in the sky. After a while this light descended alongside the road and paced their car. It did this for forty to forty-five kilometres. (TUFOIC)
On November 9, 1978, at 3.15am, a 24 year-old taxi driver in Hobart saw a green object drift into the middle of the road. He slammed on his brakes and the object disappeared. The driver maintains that his communications radio blacked out for a time.
On November 25, 1978, in Sanford Tasmania (2350hrs) a woman noticed a doorway of light over the driveway at the front of her house. As she approached it, she noticed that through, and only through this door could she see the driveway. The door was estimated to be twelve metres high and two to three metres high.

On December 31 1978. A television news team from Melbourne, Australia filmed a UFO while flying over New Zealand's South Island, just east of Bass Strait. Aviation authorities reported that the UFO was apparently tracked by radar as well, and the Royal New Zealand Air Force put a Skyhawk jet fighter on special standby alert. The pilot of the news team's plane said he first noticed a bright white light about 20 miles ahead, and "It appeared to stay still until we got within 10 miles, then it turned with us as I changed course. It then went above us and circled and came down beneath us. It was making definite movements in relation to us."
The journalists had been keen to record footage of the UFO's which had been reported over the Tasman Sea. They were on assignment from Channel 0 in Melbourne and decided to use a newspaper delivery flight as a means by which to chase the objects. The pilot of this particular aircraft , Captain James Starrup had also reported seeing objects in recent weeks. Now with his load of news reporters and co-pilot Bob Guard, he saw the objects again.
The Melbourne news team included reporter Quentin Fogarty, cameraman David Crockett and his wife, Ngaire a sound engineer.
Fogarty said: "We saw a blazing white fireball about fifty miles ahead. It was brilliantly lit at the bottom and appeared to have orange rings around it. They were moving in intelligent fashion. They seemed in control of the situation. Not out of this world".
Co-pilot Guard said that they watched the object for twenty minutes. It was almost like watching a strobe light.
Captain Starrup said that "one object resembled a large ball of light. No aircraft would have the kind of acceleration this thing did. It came within eighteen miles of us and we decided to go in closer. It went above us, then below, then shot away at amazing speed".
The film was shown around the world to stunned audiences and also analyzed by navy photographic expert Dr. Bruce Maccabee. The film was taken to Maccabee in the US by Channel 0 producer Leonard Lees in January 1979.
Using computer enhancement, Maccabee saw a perfectly formed gold triangle which he estimated to be the size of a house. Another frame showed an oval with a small dome protruding. A third section of the film showed a circular object moving at astonishing speed. Dr. Maccabee said that the film unarguably shows the images which could not have come from stars or planets, or the water below. The Physicist also flew to Sydney to secretly interview the witnesses.
Famed UFO researcher Stanton Friedman said, "we are definitely dealing with a genuine unidentified flying object".
A New Zealand camera team also took to the air early in 1979. They managed to film an illuminated ping-pong ball, rotating, pulsating and darting around over the North Island.
There were several other disappearances from the east coast of Australia around the time of Valentich's flight.
These included:
June 24: Newport NSW Trudie Adams, 18
August 25: Pymble NSW Michelle Pope, 18
August 25: Pymble NSW Stephen Lapthorne, 21 (And above disappeared with their van on their way to a skiing holiday.)
January 27 1979 Byron Bay NSW Allan Fox 21
January 27 1979 Byron Bay NSW Anneke Adriannsen 19
20 years later, on the afternoon of October 21, 1998 a plaque was placed in the grounds of the Cape Otway light station near the Weather Station by Valentich's family and friends.
On October 19, 1934, almost precisely forty-four years before the disappearance of Valentich, a mail plane named Miss Hobart, which was carrying ten people from Launceston to Melbourne disappeared over Bass Strait. The aircraft was one of the most powerful in the Australian skies and experts have said that even if two of the planes four engines failed, it would still be able to maintain altitude with a full load. Even if three engines failed, it was said that such a plane could safely land. Four engines failing at once is almost impossible.
Miss Hobart was 13 kilometres from Wilsons Promontory when its last radio transmissions were received.
A year later, on October 22, 1934, Melbourne's Age newspaper reported that the crew of a cargo boat observed two right lights in the sky which shone like a flare before disappearing. The vessels course was diverted both times the objects were encountered.
Another of these was witnessed as recently as February 2001. Passengers on a rebuilt sailing ship saw an extremely bright gold coloured ball over Corio Bay, which runs into the Strait. Those on board the 'One and All' watched in awe as what appeared to be the search light of a helicopter approached the pleasure boat. The sun-like orb then disappeared into the clear twilight sky.
On October 2, 1935, a second airliner, the Loina, was lost over Bass Strait

April 19, 2002: Five orange UFOs sighted in Albury, N.S.W.
At 9:15 p.m., Fred W. was at his home in Albury, New South Wales, Australia when he spotted a strange glow in the northwestern sky.
"I saw five bright orange lights, spaced well apart and moving towards the southeast," Fred reported, "They could have been balloons as they were slow and bright orange. After about 15 minutes, three disappeared from view, leaving two that disappeared shortly thereafter. I'd estimate their height (altitude) at two to three thousand feet (600 to 900 meters) I thought it might be ballons in a formation, but at night and so many? Also, I could find no indication of balloons on my (radio) scanner."

One of Australia's earliest UFO reports was in 1909
 when Rev B. Couzens, chaplain to Port Melbourne, reported an airship over the Dandenong Ranges, about 60km south-east of Melbourne. The Melbourne Argus (now the Herald-Sun) published a story which quoted the Reverend as saying that he saw two beautiful revolving lights. They whirled like the propellers of ships, slowed down, dipped, then rose again. The objects colours changed from white to red, and then to blue like revolving beacons with three coloured sides. They were beating a zig-zagging course against the wind and usually about half a mile (800m) in the air. Couzens watched the lights for about two hours.


Francis Chichester
In an interesting report from the Tasman Sea, between New Zealand and Australia, adventurer Francis Chichester recalled witnessing a UFO in the 1930's. It was then that he made the world's first solo long-distance sea plane flight. He later won the first solo sailing race across the Atlantic in 1960. These were both considered some of the toughest journeys ever undertaken.
In his book, The Lonely Sea and the Sky published in 1964, Chichester tells of horrendous weather on a leg of his sea-plane flight which took him west-ward from New Zealand to Australia in 1932.
With Sydney the intended landing site, Chichester's plane was rocked by winds which rapidly pushed him off-course to the extent that he was fearful of missing Tasmania, thousands of kilometres south of Sydney. He headed toward and Australia in near zero visibility, using the oceans surface and the crests of feathering waves as a guide to his altitude. Chichester righted his position finding a break in the weather. He noticed spouts of water being sucked toward the sky in the isolated storms from which he was quickly escaping. As the weather cleared and Chichester's confidence was restored he made one of the most spectacular observations of his many and exciting journeys. He noticed dazzling lights ahead and thirty degrees west and filed a UFO report several years before they were commonplace.
"There were bright flashes in several places like the glint of a heliograph. I saw a grey-white air-ship coming towards me," Chichester wrote. "It seemed impossible, but I could have sworn that it was an air-ship, moving towards me like an oblong pearl. Except for a cloud or two, there was nothing else in the sky. I looked around, sometimes catching a flash or glint, and turning again to look at the air-ship I found that it had disappeared. I screwed up my eyes unable to believe them, and twisted the sea-plane this way and that, thinking that the airship must be hidden by a blind spot.
Dazzling flashes continued in four or five different places, but I still could not pick out any planes. Then, out of some clouds, to my front I saw another, or the same, air-ship approaching. I watched it intently, determined not to look away for a fraction of a second. It grew closer until it was perhaps a mile away. Then it vanished. Then it reappeared close to where it had vanished. It drew closer, and I could see the dull gleam of a light on its nose and back. It came on, but instead of increasing in size, it diminished as it approached. When it came quite near, the air-ship became its own ghost - one second I could see through it and the next it vanished. I turned to the flashes and they too had vanished. All this was many years before any spoke of flying UFO's. Whatever it was I saw, it seems very much like what people have come to call flying saucers."
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An interesting look at Pine Gap

"The United States has three major bases in Australia. One is in South Australia (Nurranger, near Woomera, T.N.), another in New South Wales, and the third (and by far the largest) is located within about 230 km (143 miles) of the geographical center of the continent, not far to the west of Alice Springs (Northern Territory), at the foothills of the southern slopes of the MacDonnell Range. This base is completely underground, with barely visible entrances to the surface.

"This 'Top Secret' base is entirely financed by the United States Government, and is officially known as the Joint Defense Space Research Facility.

"When the JDSRF was first initiated, its aim was scientific research for the supposed development of a space defense technology. It is now known that since its inception, its primary purpose was research into electromagnetic propulsion.

"What exactly is Pine Gap? As strange as it may seem, even Australian Federal Parliament members do not know. Among the Cabinet members, only a small number of 'initiates' have a vague idea of what this is all about. The only information source available to the public is the cross-checking done by private researchers such as Jimmy Guieu, following statements made by the United States or Australian magazines (always very short and terse paragraphs), and anything the locals may notice.

"It is said that under Pine Gap is the deepest drilling hole in Australia - about 5 miles (more than 8,000 meters). Such a hole is likely used as an underground antenna able to recharge the batteries of submarines in the Pacific and Indian Ocean through ELF broadcasts. Such a gigantic antenna could be used to generate the gigantic stationary wave around the Earth.

"Some say that Pine Gap has an enormous nuclear generator to supply energy to a new type of transceiver. It seems too that there is a high-powered, high-voltage plasma accelerator which may be put to use to transmit electric current, or even to produce a 'death-ray', or quite simply to feed a plasma gun. All this is not as incredible as it sounds: it is now known that the US base of West Cape, near Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia (Harold E. Holt USN Communication Station), has an older type of the transceiver used at Pine Gap which is used to send electric current to submerged US submarines who trail a wire antenna. It is known that electric currents transmitted in this way are referred to as plasmo-dynamic cells.

"Several times, locals have seen WHITE DISKS about 30' in diameter in the process of being unloaded from large US cargo planes at the airports serving Pine Gap. Those disks had the USAF emblem on them. It seems likely that disks are assembled and based at Pine Gap. The number of disks seen at night leaves no doubt in anyones mind. An amazing quantity of furniture has been delivered by plane from the United States. The locals also say that an enormous amount of food is stocked in warehouses of what could well be a true multi-leveled underground city.

"On the other hand, Pine Gap is well known as one of the most important control centers for spy satellites which circle the globe. An article published in late 1973 claimed that the Pine Gap installation, along with its sister installation in Guam, were used to control the photographic missions of the large American satellites in orbit above the Earth.

"Pine Gap has enormous computers which are connected to their American and Australian central counterparts, which collect all the information secured in these countries, not only about finance and technology, but on every aspect of the life of the average citizen. Those computers at Pine Gap are also evidently connected to similar mainframes in Guam, in Krugersdorp South Africa, and at the Amundsen-Scott US base at the South Pole.

"Let us say, incidently, that the employees (more than 1200) of the US base in South Africa all claim to be members of the US consular mission in that country. It may be worthy of note that the Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole is located on a sensitive magnetic spot of our planet, that it holds exactly the same assets as Pine Gap, and that all the information about most of the average citizens of Western Europe is stored there in memory banks tens of meters under the icepack.

"A statement made by the Australian premier about 1987, assuring that 'France must disappear from the Pacific, from the Kerguelen Ridge, and from Antarctica' sheds light on the importance of this polar base for the Anglo-Saxon world.

"The most disquieting fact about Pine Gap may be that the employees working on the base, and especially those earmarked for duty on electromagnetic propulsion projects, have undergone brainwashing and even implantation of intracranial devices. Those employees have turned into unconditional slaves of their master, whoever he is. Rather scary, isn't it?

"The true point of the brainwashing of those individuals, along with the ruthless attempts to implement the coverup of really advanced military technology, will become clear at the end of this article.

"For me, it all began with the construction of the new Parliament building in Canberra, which cost billions of dollars. Australia has only 18 million inhabitants, yet it apparently treated itself to a building far beyond its means...supposedly to accommodate its government even if the old Parliament building was perfectly fine.

"This new building, enormous, immense and magnificent would easily fit the needs of the USSR or of the United States, which both have hundreds of millions of citizens to rule. That building puzzled me, and I started to talk about it until the day I bumped into an Englishman who told me that the Australian premier, Bob Hawk, was a Rhodes scholar, and as such he worked toward the setting up of a One World Government, and that this new Parliament building likely had something to do with it.

"Sometime after, I stumbled on a pamphlet published by the Human Rights Organization, which talked about a group of about a hundred people well-placed in high finance, politics, the judiciary branch and big business. This group was called the 'Club of ROME'. According to this pamphlet, the CLUB OF ROME was pledged to a consortium which controls all international finance. A number of other groups similar to the CLUB OF ROME are equally pledged to that finance consortium, AND ARE INFILTRATING THE VARIOUS POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS GROUPS WITH THE INTENTION TO MAKE PROGRESS TOWARD THE INSTITUTION OF A WORLD DICTATORSHIP.

"The whole thing looked a little bit too preposterous to be true, it seemed to me. Nevertheless, a friend of mine gave me an audio cassette taped at a lecture given by Peter Sawyer, a former high-ranking Australian civil servant, which exposed a certain number of facts he had noticed while in office. He talked, in particular, of a telephone exchange in Canberra called 'Deacon Center'. This exchange, built in concrete with 4 (ft.? - Branton) thick walls, cost hundreds of millions of dollars. It is outfitted with numerous computers, arrayed on four levels. When he tried to find out why such equipment was needed in a country of only 18 million, he discovered that those computers were connected to all the banks, to every post office, to all telephones, and to all of the police stations and customs houses; to every arrival and departure desk for air or sea travellers; and also and above all, to the other data centers collecting data on private citizens... in the United States as well as in Europe.

"That facility on Deacon street is therefore a Center where all the data pertaining to every citizen of the Western World end up being stored. All financial, economic, political and military information, as well as the information on every inhabitant of those countries. As a matter of course, all people living in Australia are put on file, kept up with and labelled.

"Peter Sawyer discovered also that the president of the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION came for a lengthy stay in Australia to supervise in person the construction of 20 luxury residences in Canberra (the Australian government footed the bill), in the wonderful setting of a National Park, where, legally, nobody is allowed to build.

"The investigations lead by Sawyer exposed, first, that the new Parliament building is meant to accommodate the world government-to-be; and, second, that the 20 luxury residences will be allocated to the different foreign members of that government... Why choose Canberra as the headquarters of the new world government? Simply because Australia is a peaceful country, with very few natives likely to turn rebellious, and, above all, it's an English speaking country. No other English speaking country can offer the safety Australia will provide at the time of the taking over by the World Government. In America and Europe, uprisings are more than likely, and South America not only is not English-speaking, but its fondness for revolutions and social disturbances is well known.

"Australia is thus the ideal place for such an undertaking. How is the advent of a World Government possible in the near future? It is relatively easy, as we will explain.

"First, who are those 'internationalists' who want to take over the planet? THE ONES WHO WANT TO SET UP A WORLD GOVERNMENT ARE 15 FAMILIES OR SO, WHO ALREADY GOVERN ALL OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCE AND KEEP A TIGHT LEASH ON MOST GOVERNMENTS THROUGH THE ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF THEIR FINANCES AND THEIR DOMESTIC ECONOMY. These finance moguls devised their plan after World War I, and have been working since on an insidious undermining process aimed at economic destabilization all over the West.

"If those financiers are obviously labeled 'capitalists', it is a very deceptive label, though, for, in fact, they never stopped to pull the strings of the progressive parties, as well as those of the conservative parties. Their idea is logical, and lay, quite simply, in the destabilization of the countries of the West on the political, economic and religious levels. IT MAY BE SURPRISING TO SOME THAT THESE 'INNOVATORS' HAD INFILTRATED THE TOP LEVELS OF THE MAIN RELIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENTS, ONLY A SMALL NUMBER OF YEARS WAS NEEDED TO MAKE THEM VIRTUALLY POWERLESS... (Were these establishments 'bought out' through financial contributions? - Branton)

"Economic destabilization is implemented through a slower but most efficient process. This process (already under way) will cause the entire financial system of the West to collapse. The people involved are the same people who cause the price of oil to go up and then, after convincing European neighbors to agree to these price rises, provide that the yield coming from the price rises will be paid to the 'International Reserve Bank', which is entirely at their command. The Reserve Bank hands the money over to a 'holding bank' who lavishly loans the money to Third World countries for usurious rates of interest.

"The holding bank receives the interest paid by the underdeveloped countries, then puts it into another 'holding bank' which, in turn, invests the huge quantity of money on behalf of the Arabs.

"Those investments are made into thriving large businesses. In the meantime, only small interests are sent to Arab countries.

"Those who engineered the plan were perfectly aware that the leaders of the underdeveloped countries would be tempted to pocket a good part of the received money.

"I IRB will then tell the Arab countries that the holding bank investments have turned out badly, all their assets had vanished and that no interest will be paid any more. The Arab countries will then have no choice but to put all the securities they own on the market, as well as quite an amount of property bought by the second holding bank. A good part of these possessions will then be frozen, because they will have been bought with the aid of not entirely repaid loans, and they will be part of the assets of the first holding bank, gone bankrupt. The incredible quantity of shares put on the market at the same time will cause a stock market crash of such magnitude that all the national economies of the West will collapse at the same time.

"The planet will find itself in a desperate predicament. Cash will not be worth a damn, and the risks of a global confrontation (planned!) will be high.


"At this point, the usefulness of bases like Pine Gap will become obvious. If a Global confrontation is going to break out, those bases will serve as a place of safety for the politicians and their staff, as well as the international financiers, their family and friends.

"If no confrontation breaks out, the financiers will adapt a 'saintly' attitude AND OFFER SUBSTITUTION OF ALL CURRENCIES BY PLASTIC CARDS, ENSURING 'TRUE EQUALITY' FOR ALL; THE ABOLITION OF ALL OWNERSHIP RIGHTS; and the setting up of a World Government that will 'ensure peace'.



"None of the above has anything to do with science fiction. All of what I said in this text is true, and doesn't give a very rosy picture of the future."


Copyright 1996 David Fowler

MJ - 12 Document

One of the most controversial documents to be uncovered in the anals of UFO research is called the MJ Documents. These documents were left under Jaime Shandera home door (as I recall reading) by an unknown source in 1984. At this Mr. Shandera was a producer in the Los Angeles area and was working with Bill Moore, to undercover the secret about the UFOs. At this time, Bill Moore was working with scientist Stanton Friedman and so the three of these men upon receiving these documents did extensive research. These documents have been re- published in a Richard Hall's book, "Uninvited Quests" as well as "Crash at Corona" by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner in 1992. Mr. Friedman believes based on other documents they found in the National Archieve that the documents are geninue and other researchers have found some inconsistancies with page number and type face of the 1950's.

My personal feeling is that the information shared is essentially correct and could have been copied and duplicated to try to show what the real documents looked like. In any case, quite a bit of information related to Roswell here seems to correspond with information found by various researchers and we share this here for your own evaluation. It seems that the events at Roswell in July of 1947 triggered off a sequence of events which began the coverup and how the U. S. government (and eventually other govenerments) decided to deal with UFOs.

This information was posted by Wright Adams on the newsnet ....... Illinois

18 NOVEMEBR, 1952

WARNING: This is a TOP SECRET - EYES ONLY document containing compartmentalized information essential to the national security of the United States. EYES ONLY ACCESS to the material herin is strictly limited to those possessing Majestic-12 clearance level. Reproduction in any form or the taking of written or mechanically transcribed notes is strictly forbidden.




NOTE: This document has been prepared as a preliminary briefing only. It should be regarded as introductory to a full operations briefing intended to follow.

OPERATION MAJESTIC-12 is a TOP SECRET Research and Development/Intelligence operation responsible directly and only to the President of the United States. Operations of the project are carried out under control of the Majestic-12 (Majic-12) Group which was established by special classified executive order of President Truman on 24 September, 1947, upon recommendation by Dr. Vannevar Bush and Secretary James Forrestal. (See Attachment "A".) Members of the majestic-12 Group were designated as follows:

Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
Dr. Vannevar Bush
Secy. James V. Forrestal
Gen. Nathan F. Twining
Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg
Dr. Detlev Bronk
Dr. Jerome Hunsaker
Mr. Sidney W. Souers
Mr. Gordon Gray
Dr. Donald Menzel
Gen. Robert M. Montague
Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner

The death of Secretary Forrestal on 22 May, 1949, created a vacancy which remained unfilled until 01 August, 1950, upon which date Gen. Walter B. Smith was designated as permanent replacement.

On 24 June, 1947, a civilian pilot, flying over the Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington observed nine flying disc-shaped aircraft travelling in formation at a high rate of speed. Although this was not the first known sighting of such objects, it was the firs to gain widespread attention in the public media. Hundereds of reports of sightings of similar objects followed. Many of these came from highly credible military and civilian sources. These reports resulted in independent efforts by several different elements of the military to ascertain the nature and purpose of these objects in the interests of national defense. A number of witnesses were interviewed and there were several unsuccessful attemts to utilise aircraft in efforts to pursue reported discs in flight. Public reaction bordered on near hysteria at times.

In spite of these efforts, little of substance was learned about the objects until a local rancher reported that one had crashed in a remote region of New Mexico located approximately seventy-five miles northwest of Roswell Army Air Base (now Walker Field).

On 07 July, 1947, a secret operation was begun to assure recovery of the wreckage of this object for scientific study. During the course of this operation, aerial reconnaissance discovered that four small human-like beings had apparently ejected from the craft at some point before it exploded. These had fallen to earth about two miles east of the wreckage site. All four were dead and badly decomposed due to action by predators and exposure to the elements during the approximately one week time period which had elapsed before their discovery. A special scientific took charge of removing these bodies for study. (See Attachment "C".) The wreckage of the craft was also removed to several different locations. (See Attachment "B".) Civilian and military witnesses in the area were debriefed, and news reporters wee given the effective cover story that the object had been a misguided weather research balloon.

A covert analytical effort organized by Gen. Twining and Dr. Bush acting on the direct orders of the President, resulted in a preliminary concensus (19 September, 1947) that the disc was most likely a short range reconnaissance craft. This conclusion was based for the most part on the craft's size and the apparent lack of any identifiable provisioning. (See Attachment "D".) A similar analysis of the four dead occupants was arranged by Dr. Bronk. It was the tentative conclusion of this group (30 november, 1947) that although these creatures are human-like in appearance, the biological and evolutionary processes responsible for their development has apparently been quite different from those observed or postulated in homo-sapiens. Dr Bronk's tea has suggested the term "Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities", or "EBEs", be adopted as the standard term of reference for these creatures until such time as a more definitive designation can be agreed upon.

Since it is virtually certain that these craft do not originate in any country on earth, considerable speculation has centred around what their point of origin may be and how they get here. Mars was and remains a possibility, although some scientists, most notably Dr. Menzel, consider it more likely that we are dealing with beings from another solar system entirely.

Numerous examples of what appear to be a form of writing were found in the wreckage. Efforts to decipher these have remained largely unsuccessful. (See Attachment "E".) Equally unsuccessful have been efforts to determine the methods of propulsion or the nature or method of transmission of the power source involved. Research along these lines has been complicated by the complete absence of identifiable wings, propellors, jets, or other conventional methods of propulsion and guidance, as well as a total lack of metallic wiring, vacuum tubes, or similar recognizable electronic components. (See Attachment "F".) It is assumed that the propulsion unit was completely destroyed by the explosion which caused the crash.

A need for as much additional information as possible about these craft, their performance characteristics and their purpose led to the undertaking known as U.S. Air Force Project SIGN in December, 1947. In order to preserve security, liason between SIGN and Majestic-12 was limited to two individuals within the Intelligence Division of Air Material Command whose role was to pass along certain types of information through channels. SIGN evolved into Project GRUDGE in December, 1948. The operation is currently being conducted unde the code name BLUE BOOK, with liason maintained through the Air Force officer who is head of the project.

On 06 december, 1950, a second object, probably os similar origin, impacted the earth at high speed in the El Indio - Guerrero area of Texas - Mexican border after following a long trajectory through the atmosphere. by the time a search team arrived, what remained of the object as been totally incinerated. Such material as could be recovered was transported to the A.E.C. facility at Sandia, New Mexico, for study.

Implications for the National Security are of continuing importance in that the motives and ultimate intentions of these visitors remain completely unknown. In addition, a significant upsurge in the surveillance activity of these craft beginning in May and continuing through the autumn of this year has caused considerable concern that new developments may be iminent. It is for these reasons, as well as the obvious international and technological considerations and the ultimate need to avoid a public panic at all costs, that the Majestic- 12 Group remains of the unanimous opinion that imposition of the strictest security precautions should continue without interruption into the new administration. At the same time, contingency plan MJ-1949-04P/78 (Top Secret - Eyes Only) should be held in continued readiness should the need to make a public announcement present itself.






Note: In the following report, the term "alien(s)" is used generically to denote the abducting entities, and does not presuppose an extraterrestrial origin.

In late summer of 1992, Derrel Sims, chief abductions investigator for HUFON (Houston UFO Network) implemented a plan to establish communications with alien abductors. This was to be accomplished by means of hypnotic suggestions implanted in the subconscious minds of several subjects with multiple abduction histories. The intent being, if any of these subjects were abducted again, the hypnotic suggestions would allow the individuals to gather data and/or establish more positive contact with the aliens.

In November of 1992, subject DS92007PH was abducted. The subject maintained conscious memory for a fair amount of time into the abduction before the aliens were able to "zap" the subject (place the subject in a mental state where they no longer have conscious memories of the event). At the beginning of the abduction, the subject was able to communicate with the aliens, although they did not appear to be terribly inclined to communicate or reveal much information. As the aliens were completing their preparations for their examination, the subject felt herself losing mental control. The aliens began to reinforce their efforts to "zap" her. In one last effort to maintain consciousness and communication as long as possible she blurted out "We know what your doing... we know about..." (subject still under investigation). This statement seemed to evoke a reaction on the part of the aliens and appears to have predicated the events that follow.

Starting December 8, 1992, just prior to the HUFON meeting "Alien Abductions: Working with Abductees," several of the subjects on the panel were reabducted. These abductions were not realized at the time, but over the next few days, many of the abductees began suffering PAS (Post Abduction Syndrome). At this time the abductees were not in communication with each other.

Subject DS92002DM reported that he had experienced a dream or possible flashback of an earlier abduction When he began having PAS and other physical manifestations that accompanied his earlier abductions, it became obvious to him that an abduction had taken place.

Subjects DM92003JA, DS92034LC & DS92017RP also reported dreams with possible abduction signs. In addition a number of the abductees reported having nose bleeds and/or sinus pains.

On Thursday, December 10th, at the monthly HUFON meeting, a number of the abductees were questioned by the audience about their experiences. Although most of the abductees were very uncomfortable and felt that they "...shouldn't be talking about (their) abductions," the meeting went quite well.

On Friday morning, December 11, many of the abductees (most of whom were on the panel the night before), awoke to find they had nose bleeds during the night. Almost all had sinus pains and within a day or two almost all had head colds and flu like symptoms.

Subject DS92009LT awoke on the 11th with an irritation in one eye. While rubbing her eye, a small object (about the size of a mustard seed) came out of her eye. The subject called Derrel Sims and turned the object over to him.

This object has been photographed and is currently undergoing analysis. The object appears to be made out of a flesh-colored plastic. It is somewhat egg-shaped (with the narrow end open) and is hollow inside.

On the same day, subject DS92002DM awoke to discover he had a nose bleed (the first in over 20 years). He also called Derrel Sims to make immediate arrangements for a hypnosis session. On Sunday, December 20, 1992, DS92002DM was regressed hypnotically to his latest encounter with aliens.

The event occurred the night of December 10, the night of the HUFON meeting. Some time after the subject went to sleep for the night, he was awakened by aliens in his bedroom who, in a very quick procedure, removed a nasal implant from the subject and immediately left (later under hypnosis a number of other abductees reported similar events). Mr. Sims then regressed the subject to the next earliest abduction (December 8).

On December 8, subject DS92002DM awoke and observed a bright flash of light (there was no sound of thunder following). The subject rolled over and noticed a small gray alien "wearing a harness/utility belt." The subject was instructed to follow the alien outside, where a blue/white light was shining on a spot on the ground. The subject was instructed to stand in the light, and an instant later, found himself in a large circular room (about the size of a high school gymnasium).

The subject was instructed to disrobe and led out of the room and through a series of corridors and passageways. Part of the time they walked but mostly they were transported by a means unknown by the subject (floated or on a conveyor).

Eventually, they arrived at a small room where several other aliens were present. A quick physical examination was given and then a human- appearing individual entered the room (the subject in prior abductions had never encountered a human). The human asked several questions as to how/why the abductee knew he had been abducted before. The subject was also asked how abductees knew/found out about other abductees and why were they meeting together.

A model of the human brain was shown to the subject and he was asked to indicate where the "subconscious mind was located." When the subject was unable to indicate a location, he received a mental image of another abductee (DS92007PH) in a state of suspended animation and had the impression she was being asked the same questions. The human then left the room and the subject was moved to another room.

This room appeared to be some type of meeting or conference room. It also was round, but the lighting and the furnishings were quite different. A number of different alien life forms entered the room, the last being the one with human appearance. The small grey aliens left the room but two of the taller brown aliens stayed. (The description of the other life forms is being withheld pending further investigation).

The subject was again questioned as to the nature of the subconscious mind and to his knowledge of his abductions and other abductees. After each question the subject received images of other abductees. He could see them in a room together. They were all nude and seemed to be unaware of the presence of each other. Each seemed to be in a halucinative state and behaved as if acting out a part.

He sensed that the other abductees were being "accessed" by the aliens by some means and were being asked many of the same questions as himself. The subject also sensed DS92007PH, who was in a different location from himself and from the other abductees. He could "feel" the aliens trying to "access" her mind to retrieve information. A debate seemed to be taking place among the aliens as to whether the "experiment/project" should be allowed to continue or if it had been compromised by the recent events (abductees knowing of their abductions and meeting together).

Accusations were made about "improper procedures being followed by the "Grays" and "Browns." At one point, when DS92002DM "sensed/saw" the other abductees as they were being accessed by the aliens, he had the thought that the other abductees "don't know there are others there."

This thought caught the attention of the human who seemed surprised that the subject was picking up on their activities. Immediately, two "Grays" entered the room and took hold of the subject's hands and he was unable to "pick up anything further of the alien thoughts or questioning."

At this point another of Derrel Sims' hypnotic suggestions activated itself with the subject with interesting results which we are unable to report at this time as further investigation and experimentation are continuing.

One of the more interesting aspects of this case, and one which is being looked into further, pertains to a question asked of subject DS92002DM by the aliens. At one point he was asked what he knew about a government project called "Project Prometheus." Although the subject had no knowledge of such a project, we are researching the matter.

As the meeting seemed to be ending, the human asked the subject what he "would like to do," to which the subject responded that he would like to go with them (a suggestion even he finds bizarre). The subject was told that this was "impossible" as he was "contaminated" (the subject did not feel this implied physically).

The human then took him into a side room where he was shown a "strange sort of chart or diagram" which he did not understand and was unlike any he'd ever seen before. He then was led by the two "Browns" through several other rooms to another examination room/laboratory where a nasal implant was placed in his nostril (the one later removed). The subject was then given his pajamas, told to dress, and returned to his home and bed.

Subjects DS92009LT and DM92003JA were also hypnotized and reported being abducted on December 8, and being in a room with others.

Subject DS92034LC had conscious memories of being in the room on that night.

All three of these subjects have independently described the room, its appearance, and individuals in the room. All of the subjects' descriptions are similar and details of the room match--including several unique aspects unheard of in other cases.

It is interesting to note that all of the abductees in the "group room experiences" perceived events differently although parallel. One believed she had died and was with her dead brother (who had strange eyes). One thought she was with God whose face she couldn't see because of a fog that only allowed her to see his shape. All of the individuals reported themselves and others in the room as being nude.

One abductee who felt hungry was told they would be fed was handed silverware as though they were about to be served food. When she was told to look at the silverware under hypnosis, it was not silverware at all but some strange objects she could not identify.

Each of the abductees in the "group room experience" seemed to be in a drugged or hallucinative state. This condition seemed to alleviate when they were taken to another room for examinations and nasal and ocular implants.

Other abductees also have reported supporting events and experiences. The total number of abductees involved in the event is not known for sure.

Great care was taken in the early stages of the investigation to ensure that subjects were unaware of the others' events. It was only after hypnosis, with similar descriptions of events and locations by five different individuals (each unaware of any other abductee reporting anything) that information concerning the event was released. Numerous descriptions and minute details have been deliberately left out of this report, as investigations are still ongoing.

The significance of this event cannot be overlooked. It would appear that the implants were deliberately placed in the abductees before the HUFON meeting and removed the day after. Whether the aliens knew about the meeting or had simply implanted the abductees with the intent of monitoring a gathering of abductees is unknown. However, for the first time within the history of the abduction phenomenon, the abductees seem to have captured the attention of the abductors.

Although we do not know the outcome of these events we hope that it may lead to a breakthrough in communication, improvement in relationship with the aliens, and an end to abductions and experimentation on unwilling subjects.






Australian Abduction Cases.


1. 1955 ADELAIDE, South Australia.
A 10 year old girl, Janet X., was being treated for a slight nervous disorder. Whilst under hypnosis for this condition she recounted a story of her interaction with aliens and a flying saucer. Whilst in trance she spoke of being in a saucer with three "men", and of visiting a planet with an advanced society.

2. 11 August 1966 VICTORIA.
A Miss Marlene Travers, of Melbourne, is reported to have observed a large silver disc land near her. It is claimed that she was abducted and raped by an alien wearing a loose fitting metallic green tunic. Investigations reveal that this account is most likely a journalistic hoax.

3. 1971 GLADSTONE, Queensland.
A Finnish couple, Ben and Helen K. left Gladstone at about 11.35 p.m. and upon arrival in Rockhampton found that only 40 minutes had passed on a trip which would normally take much longer. In addition to the rapid trip they could not recall passing through intervening places although they recall seeing an unusual green light at one stage. Their 1971 Valiant sedan was reportedly covered with a thin film of odourless oil, and unusual marks were noted on the car's bonnet. Attempts at hypnotising the couple were unsuccessful.

4. July 1972 and subsequent times. FRANKSTON, Victoria.
In early 1972 a Mrs Maureen Puddy reported observing a disc shaped object in the sky. Later in July she related that her car stopped itself as the same object hovered overhead. Several months later she recounted being "mentally" abducted into a room, and of observing an entity there. This latter event occurred whilst two other people were physically present with Mrs Puddy but they only reported that Mrs Puddy lapsed into unconsciousness. On a later occasion she said the entity again appeared to her when she was driving the car.

5. 1973 SPRINGWOOD, New South Wales.
One night 2 men were asleep in a caravan on a remote building site, when one was awoken by a blue light projecting from a hovering aerial disc. A time lapse occurred of some 2 hours. He felt that some "beings-Caucasian types" were somehow involved.

6. 1974 CANBERRA, Australian Capital Territory.
Two young women felt compelled to get into their car which then allegedly drove itself to a certain spot. They were escorted by a brilliant white light source. Vague human shapes were seen as well as strange noises heard. There was an episode of "missing time" involved.

7. 1975/76 SYDNEY, New South Wales.
A women recalls that as a young girl, aged 4-5 years, she saw a small being with large eyes in her bedroom during the day time. She had little conscious recall of details of the event other than that she felt she went "somewhere else".

8. September 1978 JINDABYNE, New South Wales.
Two young men, out hunting, reported seeing a bright white spherical light on the ground some little distance away. Next night it was seen again. In 1983 one of the men began to recall memories of a 2 hour time lapse on one of those nights. One memory was of the 2 men being floated into a room where they were placed on a table and examined by tall, white coloured beings.

9. 1978-1982 NEW SOUTH WALES.
A Sydney woman woke up feeling agitated and heard a voice. Figures appeared and said to come with them. She went through a doorway into a room where she watched a scene on a screen. This screen showed pictures of her future life, which later came true. The case is currently under active investigation.

10. 1976 ELLIOTT, Northern Territory.
An old man is said to have been abducted after a bright object landed near him. Beings alighted and took him aboard. He said they asked him questions about life on Earth and our activities, before they returned him unharmed to the pick up point.

11. 1976 Country New South Wales.
A 31 year old woman was overcome by a feeling of sickness, whilst vacuuming her house. 3 strange figures were seen in front of her. There was apparently telepathic communication and advice that she had to go with them. The next thing she remembers is it was 5 hours later and her fiancee had arrived home.

12. February 1976 HOBART, Tasmania.
A man and his wife had gone to bed, and she fell asleep leaving him awake. Suddenly through the closed door came 3 figures. One tried to put a bag over the man's legs in an apparent abduction attempt. He attempted to awake his wife, whereupon the figures departed through the window.

13. Mar 1977 GISBORNE, New Zealand.
Three women were involved in an apparent abduction case in the midst of a large UFO flap. Regression hypnosis on one women revealed a story of entering an object and talking to an entity.

14. 10 Jan 1978 BAKERS CREEK FALLS, New South Wales.
Gary P. had been driving alone in the early hours of the morning when he found himself unaccountably stationary on the side of the road at 5 a.m. He was unable to clearly remember the previous 160km. Whilst stationary he noted a really bright light hovering some distance away. Although he tried to get close to it he could not.

15. Feb 1978 BALADONIA, Western Australia.
A memory lapse of 3-3 1/2 hours is said to have been associated with the observation of two unusual lights. During this time a 30 year old truck driver says he recalls: "...talking to somebody about inventing something...also I remember speaking with two voices..." Investigators have been unable to learn more about this account.

16. 21 October 1978 BASS STRAIT.
20 year old Frederick Valentich disappeared over Bass Strait whilst flying a Cessna aircraft between Melbourne and King Island. One of the suggestions put forward was that he had been abducted by the occupants of an object which he reported observing just before radio contact was lost with him.

Don and Jack recounted an abduction experience, which is alleged to have occurred near the River Murray. They were preparing for dinner when beings entered their house. They experienced a time lapse and next thing they were standing by a large silver craft. They were subjected to psychological testing for several hours before realising they were back at their kitchen table.

18. 1979 MELBOURNE, Victoria.
A man named Mark retired to bed one night at about 11 p.m. Shortly after closing his eyes he lost all sense of sound and feeling and he found himself travelling in a tunnel through space. Looking forwards he noted a light at the end of the tunnel. His next awareness was of lying on a table in a "craft". He was medically examined by 3 beings, after which he panicked and then awoke in his own bed.

19. 5 Feb 1979 LAWITTA, Tasmania.
At about 9 p.m. an intense white light lit up the bonnet of a car driven by a young man. The car engine stopped, the radio went dead and the lights went out. Later that evening the man was picked by police in Hobart for driving the car without lights. They found him to be in a dazed condition and he did not know where he was. He was taken to hospital apparently suffering from shock. The man wished no further investigation of the matter.

20. 24 October 1981 PORT LINCOLN, South Australia.
Two young men, Messrs P. and J. were travelling in a car near Port Lincoln when they encountered "a white endless space" where a time loss of several hours is said to have occurred. During this lost time they have vague memories of a "being" and recalled "...walking into a big room". Just prior to the "space" they had been watching a mysterious light in the sky. Arrangements to have the men undergo a full investigation including hypnotic regression were unsuccessful.

21. 1983 New Zealand.
A Chinese woman was awoken during the night to feel intense heat and hear 3 men speaking. Later she walked through a door into a UFO. There were 6 non human ugly "men" present. She was undressed by the men. She then found herself back in her own bed, naked.

22. 1983 DARWIN, Northern Territory.
16 year old Simon reported a series of events which included a night time close encounter, a number of dreams and also observations of entities about the house. An investigation revealed a possible psychological explanation for the events.

23. 1988 (?) ADELAIDE, South Australia.
A man reported that he was in 2 way communication with aliens via an implant in his ear. During an investigation he revealed that he had undergone 2 apparent out-of-body experiences where he was "sucked out" of his body. He indicated that during these experiences he had been taken onboard a UFO.

24. 1989 ADELAIDE, South Australia.
A 34 year old married woman relates at least 3 episodes of unusual experiences. Firstly a bedside entity at age 11. Secondly a "time loss" in 1977 when she found herself in a "room" with beings and Earth children. Thirdly in 1989 she materialised in a "room" with alien beings.

25. Undated ADELAIDE, South Australia.
A man reported a number of abduction events. Apparently beings materialised in his bedroom, and as he became aware of their presence he feel asleep. He recalls on one instance being wheeled down a long shiny corridor into a room. He then found himself on a operating table. Later he found himself back in his own bed.

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