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Death Valley Pong: make your visitors addicted to your website

Death Valley
Death Valley Pong is a high-speed-game with 5 levels testing your  reactions. 
To Start click on the Yellow START Circle and then see if you can run the pointer of your cursor through those narrow Winding Hills and Obstacles of the Dreaded Kwistufa Ravines!!
SIMPLE RULES: Choose any level. Click start (yellow circle left).
 Try to reach Goal (yellow circle right) by moving your mouse along the track.
 Don't touch the red-zone. Don't touch the stones. Just survive!


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Step 1: Download this ZIP-File, unzip all files and put them all into the same folder as your webpage.

Step 2: Open your webpage and paste the following code just above the </body>tag:

IMPORTANT: Do not paste this code into tables or <DIV> and </DIV> or between any other container!

Step 3: Configure the position of the gamezone (red code). All values can be found on top of the script:
// horizontal position of the game, distance to the left margin of browser window (pixels)
var bgpictureposleft=10
// vertical position of the game, distance to the top margin of browser window (pixels)
var bgpicturepostop=10

Step 4: Have fun!
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